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AsterSat. Ephemerides of the satellites of asteroids.
  • Choose an Object   
  • Enter Observatory code (XXX)   (500 for geocenter)    See the list
  • Choose Time Scale:  UTC   TT
  • Choose type of output: 
    with constant step of time from initial moment
    for the moments of convenient tilt in the years entered below
    for the moments of events in the years entered below
    for the moments of maximum elongation in the years entered below
  • Choose format of initial moment
  •                            Enter initial moment
  • Choose the step unit   the step value  the number of steps
      For the years     --  
    Display only the beginning and end of the phenomenon
           In this case take 2021 as first year to get uncertainties for predicted mutual phenomena.
    Do not display if the object is not visible at the observatory
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