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Ephemerides with constant step on time Ephemerides and (O-C) for a file of dates and positions Configuration

MULTISAT. Ephemerides of planets and natural satellites.
Ephemerides and (O-C) for a file of dates and positions

Satellites of Uranus
Theory version:       See default versions
  • Choose a Satellite    of Uranus
  •          Relative to
  • Choose the planetary ephemerides:
  • Enter Observatory code (XXX)   (500 for geocenter)    See the list
  • Choose Epoch of equator and equinox   ( Description )
  • Choose Time Scale:  UTC   TT
  • For your observations
    choose format of the moment
  •        and format of the data     ( Explications )
            get precision if available
    Choose operation :
    Enter your results to calculate O-C
    Enter a set of dates to generate ephemerides
  • In each line enter your observations (one observations/date per line)                  
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