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Natural Satellites Ephemeride Server. MULTI-SAT.
Ephemerides of the eclipses of the inner satellites of Jupiter
by the Galilean satellites

in 2026-2027
The satelites are designated in the ephemerides as following: 5 - Amalthea, 6 - Thebe, 7 - Adrastea, 8 - Metis.
To see the ephemerides of the events which are
observed at your observatory with circumstances
(object and sun altitudes, Moon phase)
enter Observatory code (XXX)    See the list
or enter 500 to see all the events.
                     (Explanation of the data in output)
Number of events: 361
The first event: 16 May 2026
The last event: 13 July 2027
Really, 316 events are observable
from 16 May 2026
  to 28 June 2026
from 2 September 2026
  to 13 Jujy 2027
configuration parameters
See References
to the papers on the subject
These are ephemerides in the form of a table being immediately appearing in a separate window.
They are calculated previously with the main software of the MULTI-SAT server as it is called running by the item
Search for mutual occultations and eclipses and eclipses of satellites by planet.
The small Jovian's satellites motion by Jacobson (2013) (see References) is modelled
with the method described in (Emel'yanov, 2015) (see References)
The theory by V.Lainey 2.0 is used for the Galilean satellites.
Advantage of this form is that you have immediately ephemerides only for those events which are observed at your observatory.
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