The digitizing machine of the NAROO project

Scientific rationale

The second release of the Gaia reference star catalog allows us to realize astrometric reductions of old observations with an increased accuracy. Moreover, the star proper motions are so accurate that it allows to realize astrometric reductions at the mas-level accuracy, one century ago.
Old observations that were reduced with former reference catalogs (500 to 1000 mas one century ago) will benefit from these last improvements, allowing us to observe in the past with today accuracy. Obviously in parallel, the challenge also consists in increasing the astrometric accuracy of the reduction process.

During the workshop, we will plan the future works such as the selection of old data to be re-reduced according to scientific goals, and the process for photographic plates digitization and reduction.

The topics to be discussed with the questions to be answered are available here.

The registration page is available here (note that the number of participants is limited to 20).

V. Robert
J.E. Arlot