NSDB1-Access to Natural Satellites Astrometric Data Files

Observations of the phenomena involving the inner satellites of Jupiter - Raw data
guide for observations of phenomena
Observ.         Number           Type      Site of                                        Download    Available
             of observations      of      observation         Reference                     files        as
period       for satellites     observ.                                                               standard
             Amalthea  Thebe                                                          content data     data
2009-2009      3 obs.           EC  x       2 sites        Christou et al (2010)       Content Data      no
2015-2015      5 obs.           EC  x       2 sites        Saquet et al. (2016)        Content Data      no
2021-2021      1 obs.           EC  x       1 site         Catani et al. (2021)        Contenu Data      no

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